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LaQuinta Resort & Club,
Palm Springs, California, USA

The BioAgenda 2004 Summit is a gathering of luminaries, thinkers and communicators to attend a two and one half day forum to interact and discuss crucial issues for the coming year in biotech and life sciences, shaped around special panels, chats, presentations, and discussions. Unlike other programs that focus mostly on finance and science, BioAgenda will cover economics, law, science, politics, ethics, society, communication and culture, discussed peer-to-peer in an informal environment. Do we need a new FDA? What will humans look like in 100 years? Is personalized medicine for real? Is there a genetics of the soul? Globalization, synthetic life, the viability of the biotech business, and the BioAgenda Challenges  leaders issuing challenges on policy, science and issues. The summit will also explore issues as interpreted by society, with offerings from playwrights, artists, performers, filmmakers and thinkers you will be amazed and surprised! Click any of the links below for more information about this exciting event!

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