In an era of profound new discoveries and possibilities in biotech and life sciences... 

BioAgenda is an independent, non-partisan, non-industry think-tank founded by journalists and critical thinkers with a core mission to discuss, analyze, and study crucial issues and policies, from stem cells and personalized genetics to how to pay for new therapeutics and the impact of the globalization of biotech. BioAgenda’s international programs include events, roundtables, exhibits, lectures, and publications aimed at critiquing and challenging policies; facilitating a critical examination of issues; and launching discussions and debates among leaders and thinkers in life sciences and related fields, with educational initiatives addressed to students, professionals, and the public.

BioAgenda is dedicated to an autonomous, spirited, unorthodox discussion encompassing all points of view. All content, topics, and materials are prepared by distinguished journalists and thinkers in consultation with the BioAgenda Board of Advisors and the Council of Journalists.


Latest News

  • BioAgenda 2004 Summit on December 5-7
    Registration Coming Soon 

    With 52 speakers talking about the most crucial issues and the most innovative discoveries; an original play; a DNA art exhibit; the BioAgenda Challenges; and much more, BioAgenda is gearing up for it’s 2 1/2 day summit for invited leaders and thinkers at the fabulous La Quinta Resort in Palm Springs, California. Save the date and look for announcements about speakers and issues.
  • BioAgenda Assembles New Council of Journalists
    BioAgenda announces the formation of the Council of Journalists, comprised of leading journalists that will help shape content, provide moderators for panels, and insure journalistic integrity. Click on "Team & Advisors" for complete list.
  • BioAgenda Prepares Statement on: "Policy of Independence"
    BioAgenda is preparing a policy brief to be posted on this website about the core mission of the project as an entirely independent, non-partisan, non-industry program with content designed and written by independent journalists and thinkers. 
  • AAAS Journalism Prize 
    Editorial Director David Ewing Duncan wins the prestigious 2003 AAAS Science Journalism Award in the magazine category for his feature article, "DNA as Destiny," which was published in the November 2002 issue of Wired Magazine. The AAAS award is considered the pinnacle of achievement for science journalists.


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